Mathematics is like a very proud and beautiful creature, which we believe everyone can learn to handle and so earn its friendship. Elementary mathematics is an essential part of even the most advanced mathematical knowledge. We have designed this site to help you with elementary mathematics.

The name `elementary mathematics` may be misleading: we do not mean by it easy or trivial mathematics. Rather we have in mind that it is based on simple clear well established ideas so that nobody argues about its beauty or scope.  We all find insight and inspiration in magical constructions of such elementary mathematics, and that is one of the driving forces behind the continuing development of mathematics.

On this site you can find materials on various mathematical topics. They are composed of separate tasks which contain some explanations and problems to solve.  We suggest that you choose one of them to start with depending on your own taste and the level of difficulty you feel yourself comfortable with. Spend around a month on understanding the chosen task and on solving the problem sheet at the end of the task. After that, go on, take another task!

For us it would be a pleasure to assist you in learning. You are welcome to send your solutions to

 Dr K. E. Feldman (ExtraMaths4Fun),
DPMMS, CMS, University of Cambridge,
 Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, CB3 0WB

Please send solutions of different tasks in separate envelopes clearly indicating the name of the task and your home address. In return we will check your solutions and send them back together with our comments and answers (note: we do NOT charge anything for this, and there are NO hidden charges in the project).

Email kf262@dpmms.cam.ac.uk